Introducing the Twelve Days of CryptoArt by UltraDAO

A blind mint digital art experience. Season one starts January 2023.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes putting together an incredible blind mint experience highlighting cryptoart as a valid, nascent, and emerging medium featuring an exceptional group of top artists who have moved the space forward in recent years. This event will take place in late January and feature some truly OG established and emerging artists in the cryptoart scene.

Twelve Days will be an ongoing series targeting four drops per year, all free for ULTRAPASS holders. Season One will offer no public sale, however, mint passes may be purchased on OpenSea. 100% of secondary sales of mint passes and artwork will go to the artists participating in Twelve Days.

Join us today for an official announcement Twitter Space sharing more details on the drop and a discussion with Ryan Carson, founder of 121G and host of Daily Dose. It will be recorded and archived so no worries if you are unable to attend.

The artwork for the pass was a collaboration between myself and Glauber, a fantastic creative coder and co-founder of, an upcoming platform for creators. Thank you, Glauber!

Drop mechanics

There will be twelve pieces of art by twelve different artists, one released each day, available for 24 hours. Every morning, you will be faced with a decision. Mint today’s artwork or hold what you have. There is only one rule: you can’t go back. Once you’ve opted to mint today’s artwork, the metadata and image will update to the new art. However, you can still swap your piece for a future day’s piece. At the end, we will reveal the names of the artists and share details about each piece.

Mint Passes

In a little over one week, Thursday December 15th, mint passes will be airdropped to all ULTRAPASS holders. We are auctioning off a limited number of ULTRAPASS tokens throughout the month leading up to the Twelve Days drop, which will come with the associated season one mint pass. In addition, we will be raffling a handful of Twelve Days mint passes to UltraDAO Creator Membership holders and Discord members in the coming weeks.

Official Mint Pass Collection Link

We have minted the first token for the Twelve Days Mint Passes.

Twelve Days of CryptoArt Mint Pass Collection

The contract address is ‘0x7930ba2c94f63b090ab6e4c5d804676264790bce’ so please be very careful when looking to purchase on secondary.

Ultimate ULTRAPASS Perk

For the ten people holding an ULTRAPASS with the “Ultimate” trait, we will airdrop two additional mint passes each for a total of three mint passes.

ULTRAPASS Auctions + Free Twelve Days Mint Passes

We are holding an auction on OpenSea for eight individual ULTRAPASS tokens which will include one mint pass each. You can find them below. All auctions end December 14th, just ahead of the airdrop window.

View the Auctions