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Can AI and humans collaborate to create meaningful art? Interplay is an on-chain generative artwork collaboration exploring this new reality.

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About the collection

Fusing the unpredictability of complex mathematical equations with the intentionality of artistic expression, Interplay challenges the viewer to find order within the apparent disorder. This captivating visual journey aims to evoke a sense of unity between seemingly opposing forces, ultimately inviting the observer to reflect on the delicate equilibrium that governs both art and life itself.

Started in 2023 at the release of GPT-4, this project is a glimpse into the future of human/AI collaboration. Acting in a role akin to an art director, the artist prompted ChatGPT (GPT-4) to create the JavaScript and WebGL code used in Interplay.

All the shapes and lines drawn on canvas are solid. All outlines are created using dots of various sizes, mimicking the effect of a pen stroke. The color palettes are inspired by artists who came before, including Per Kristian Stoveland, Emily Xie, Grant Yun, and Omentejovum.

Mint details

Mint date: TBD

Supply: 300

Blockchain: Bitcoin (Ordinals)

Price: 0.002 BTC

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About the artist

Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace is an influential designer and creative director with a background in design and digital art. Formerly the VP of Design at 10up, an award-winning digital agency, Chris has accumulated extensive experience, including Emmy-nominated work for popular television series such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead.

In 2021, Chris founded UltraDAO, a creative collective focused on exploring the intersection of art and technology. As part of this venture, he led a star-studded lineup of artists and builders in releasing Woodies, a 10k profile picture (PFP) collection in September 2021, and the Twelve Days of CryptoArt. His art often delves into minimalistic concepts and 3D studies, reflecting his love for nostalgia and clean aesthetics.

As an artist, Chris Wallace continues to push boundaries and challenge traditional design conventions. His unique style and experiences have shaped a versatile body of work that resonates with fans and fellow creators alike. With a strong foundation in design and a passion for exploring new frontiers, Chris's artistic journey is one to watch in the ever-evolving world of digital art.