A DAO for the arts, by the artists.


UltraDAO is a group of artists and art collectors, working together to create a strong community through art and technology.

The core ethos of UltraDAO is to shape and support new ways to create and experience art.

Our desire is to bring everyone together to learn, create, evolve, and share. This is why art exists, and it is what reminds us that we are human. Our goal in the short term is to use our influence to support and promote artists who are bringing the world new perspective through their unique expression and message. These important artifacts will be preserved and recorded, stewarded and shared with the world.

Short-term goals

We are participating in the BOTANICA project by Liquid Density, as one of the five tessellation factions. We will use initial funds to purchase key NFTs within the project that will allow us to advance our goals and establish dominance over the other factions.

Future goals

We are looking at a number of future projects and potential opportunities, though nothing is set on our roadmap just yet:

  1. NFT investments, both within our artist community and elsewhere
  2. New NFT projects and collaborations among our artist community
  3. Events and airdrops
  4. $ULTR Token
  5. Punk ownership and leasing
  6. Metaverse real estate ownership and management
  7. Becoming a liquidity provider

Embark bootstrap campaign

The role of the bootstrap campaign is to build and support UltraDAO and it’s community.

This is a tentative plan of action, however, it is subject to change at any time.

Joining the DAO

All new members of UltraDAO will be required to submit a tribute to gain shares initially. You can submit any amount of WMATIC to join the DAO, there is no bottom limit (except zero :-) ). All tributes must be submitted in WMATIC.

Each share in the initial fundraising period is valued at 35 WMATIC. You may purchase up to 500 shares. This limit is to prevent any hostile takeover while we are establishing our early membership.


Joining the DAO requires submitting a Member proposal and a Tribute in exchange for a certain number of shares. Because we are using the MATIC RPC Network to manage the DAO, there are a few steps you must take before you can access the DAO.

Step 1: Add the MATIC RPC Network to Metamask. You have to switch your RPC network every time you interact with the DAO. Setup Instructions

Step 2: Purchase enough MATIC in your Metamask wallet to cover your tribute amount as well as some small amount for processing proposals (gas fees). Gas is minimal so you don’t need a ton, but there are some transaction fees in the next step you need to be aware.

Step 3: Use the Matic Bridge to transfer your MATIC from the Ethereum mainnet to the Matic mainnet.

Step 4: Wrap your MATIC using QuickSwap.

Step 5: Submit a Member Proposal to join the DAO. Select the amount of your tribute at the rate described in the Tribute Amount section and calculate the number of shares you wish to receive in the DAO (up to 5 max.).