Season One

Twelve Days of CryptoArt

Each day, a mysterious new artwork awaits. Choose wisely. There's no going back.


Introducing a blind mint art experience featuring top cryptoartists.

Every day, you're faced with a decision to mint or hold. There is only one rule: you can't go back. When you mint the art of the day, you cannot revert to a previous piece.

At the end of twelve days, we lock the art in and reveal the artists.

This is the first season of a quarterly event designed to bring awareness to cryptoart as a valid and crucial medium for artistic expression. Just like digital art before, we see a future where the blockchain enables artists to build worlds and make statements with a full array of new technology at their disposal.

Mint Details

All ULTRAPASS holders will be airdropped a free Twelve Days Mint Pass to participate in the event. Once mint passes are available on secondary, you may purchase from royalty-honoring marketplaces. 100% of secondary royalties of mint passes and Twelve Days artwork will go directly to participating artists.

Twelve Days Mint Passes on OpenSea

Event Schedule

The event starts with an airdrop of mint passes for all ULTRAPASS holders. These can be bought and sold on secondary leading up to the mint on January 26th.

Season One

  • Mint Pass Airdrop to ULTRAPASS holders

  • Minting Opens

  • Artist Reveal

Experience 12D±±±

Participate in a blind mint digital art experience like none other.