Introducing the UltraDAO Creator Membership

A place for artists and creators to learn, grow, and build together

UltraDAO is expanding through its latest NFT collection offering titled the UltraDAO Creator Membership. This collection is available to all artists, creators, entrepreneurs, developers, and others looking to create projects in the web3 and NFT space. Members of UltraDAO’s creator community receive special Discord access, educational resources, mentorship, a member directory, blockchain tools, regular partnerships, and other benefits.

UltraDAO as an ecosystem

The vision for UltraDAO is to produce high quality web3-powered art, media projects, and IP as a decentralized collective of creators. By breaking away from a more traditional work-for-hire model, creators establish negotiating power and independence from larger studios. UltraDAO offers a platform for these artists to operate as partners on projects to ensure they are able to earn future royalties and are incentivized to grow their impact over time. Additionally, UltraDAO wants to equip creators with the necessary education, tools, feedback, and experience to succeed.

Details on the drop

The Creator Membership drop includes a maximum supply of 20,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with a price of 0.1eth or around $160 USD for a lifetime membership. So far, during the pre-sale, around 4,000 NFTs were minted by 1,200 artists and creators.

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