Creator Membership

The premier decentralized studio for digital artists and web3 creators.


A creative studio experimenting with art, entertainment media, and decentralized project ownership—all on the blockchain.

The Creator Membership is an all-access pass to UltraDAO's network of artists and builders in the web3 space. The goal of this community is to build a powerful decentralized web3 creator-centered platform, learn from one another, and collaborate on unique art and entertainment media projects.

exclusive access

Member Benefits

UltraDAO Creators receive a number of benefits to support the journey of creating a successful projects.

Creator Directory

Get listed in the premier web3 creator directory. Join collaborations and work with others to build great projects.

Blockchain tools

Get access to custom blockchain tools for creators, powered by Props.

Educational resources

Learn from established players in the space, including long-time UltraDAO members who have launched successful projects.

Weekly Creator Chats

Present your ideas and get instant feedback from other creators and mentors in web3.

Creator Fund

Submit a project proposal, build a team, and get funded to execute on your ideas.


Vote on which projects to green-light through regular governance cycles for the Creator Fund.

I've been a part of UltraDAO since day one and I couldn't be more proud. Ultra is a decentralized creative pillar of web3 that is actively making major contributions to this space. I couldn't imagine not being a part of it.


Creator, Habibis

Become an UltraDAO Creator today.

To join, all you need to do is mint your Creator Membership NFT or buy from paperhands on secondary. All NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain.

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